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    Person-Centered Principles

    FIT Kits® were designed using person-centered principles. Person-centered care of a person who has dementia focuses on supporting their bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs and honoring the person’s values, preferences, and interests.

    Two important things to know about supporting a person are:

    1 People living with dementia lose the ability to find and engage in interesting things to do themselves – they need assistance. This is because of changes that occur in their brain. Many wonderful caregivers don't realize this and the person with dementia often ends up spending long days doing nothing. Not having interesting and meaningful to do greatly impacts emotional and social well-being. Boredom is a significant cause of restless and agitated behaviors. Engagement during the day not only helps improve mood, but has been shown to improve nighttime sleep.

    2 You will need to adjust your perspectives and expectations about what they find engaging and how they engage. We intuitively place different expectations on 2 year olds and 5 year olds. Most people don't intuitively know how to make these adjustments for people living with dementia. You can't see the changes in the brain, so there are no visual clues. Stacking puzzle pieces or rolling many balls of play clay may be really fun and engaging for them. You'll need to think differently about activity items and how they are important tools to spark fun and enjoyment.

    "I started enjoying time again with my mother-in-law once I started using person-centered practices. What a difference it made for both of us!”

    FIT Kits® are person-centered tools to help you enjoy time together.