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  • FIT Kits® - Making life more meaningful

    FIT Kits®









    Each FIT Kit contains everything you need to spark fun and trigger smiles.

    • There are a variety of Kits® to choose from that are engaging and interesting.
    • Every Kit comes with FIT's exclusive handbook, "Understanding Dementia."
    • Each item comes with “Ideas and Tips” to help you have a positive experience.
    • Each Kit is specially designed by dementia experts and tested by people who have dementia and their care partners.

    Anybody can use FIT Kits®, at any stage of dementia, and everybody can be successful.




    Design Process

    Research tested

    FIT Kits® were research-tested by dementia experts with funds from the National Institutes of Health. 


    Feasibility testing

    Each Kit item undergoes feasibility testing by FIT’s test crew who are people living with dementia and families.  

    Meet our test crew >>

    FIT Kits

    Only items that score high on enjoyment, engagement, and smiles make it to the FIT Kit shop. 

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    FIT Kits® are designed so that people living at any level of dementia and their care partners can easily have fun with the items. Activities can be adjusted to be easier or more challenging based on their ability. All Kit items come with an Ideas and Tips Guide to help you be successful.


    Inside a FIT Kit®


    Inside a FIT Kit

    Inside a FIT Kit®


    Each Kit includes 3 activity items and Guides with useful ideas and tips to maximize enjoyment -- everything needed for a interesting and fun experience.
    There are ten different themed Kits® – Art & Designs, Games, Sports, Fitness, Relaxation, and more.



    FIT Kits® are person-centered tools to help you enjoy time together.