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  • FIT Kits® - Making life more meaningful

    Benefits of FIT Kits®

    FIT Kits® are items that promote person-centered engagement.
    They help you better connect and engage with a person living with dementia.
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    Enhances Physical function Improves mood Stimulates engagement






    “FIT Kits® give you something to say and something to do that will leave you
    feeling good about the time that you spend together.”


    "My father is bored and restless a lot of the time. FIT Kits® give him something interesting to do. The look of happy concentration on his face is priceless."

    Working a puzzle

    "There are so many ways to use the FIT Kit® items. My mother likes to stack the puzzle pieces and then carefully put them away."

    Playing with grandson

    "My 6-year old son absolutely loves doing things with his grandmother. The Kit® activities are great for them both. They spend enjoyable time together."

    FIT Kits® are person-centered tools to help you enjoy time together.