Tips for buying a gift for someone with dementia December 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

By FIT Interactive

When deciding what to buy as a gift, think about the interests of the person who is living with dementia and the types of activities that bring them joy.

We have created a chart to help you choose a gift. Click here to read our chart to help you select the best Kits® for your loved one. 

 ~ Giving a gift that triggers interaction, is way more fun than something that will go onto a shelf, never to be used!

 ~ Gifts that are interactive and at the user level of ability create new memories for everyone involved. Even if a person with dementia doesn’t remember the interaction 5 minutes later - studies show that they continue to feel the good feelings for a long time after.

~ Giving a FIT Kit helps you connect with a person -- by laughing with them, doing interesting activities together, and supporting their strengths – this helps support their emotional well-being. Unlike most adults, people living with dementia depend on their care partners to provide ways to help them engage.

~ Having meaningful and interesting things to engage in throughout the day sparks feelings of purpose, contentment, and fun that help people feel happy.

~ The human body is designed to move and not be sedentary. FIT Kits® are designed to help stimulate physical movement and exercise.  For instance, the lively music CDs included in the MUSIC Kit spurs foot tapping if not outright dancing!

~ If your friend or family is living in a care community or far from you, you can send a Kit to their home so they can engage with their care partners. Every Kit comes with tips and our “Understanding Dementia” booklet to help care partners spark engagement over and over.